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Donation Station


Our "Donation Station" was started in 2015 as an outreach to our community in need. Functioning as a "reverse garage sale", we provide items free of charge to our community. Any items that you would like to donate will be accepted. If you would like to donate items, or have a need to we can help fill, contact Jonathan by email at today.

Yukon Manna Pantry

Please remember the Yukon Manna Pantry. Volunteer groups are always welcome by contacting the Manna Pantry directly to help.

We currently have a box in our west entry hallway for any non-perishable food items for the Manna Pantry. The second Sunday of the month is our designated day to contribute funds to the Pantry. There is also a large clothing box at the Manna Pantry 123 South 6th Street in Yukon.


Canadian Valley Tech - Holt Campus Food Mission


Our most recent Holt Vo-Tech lunch for the Staff and Students went very well. Many thanks to the Student Director for getting the information about the lunch out to the Students and Staff and to the Superintendent for allowing our Church to provide this very important food mission to our Community. Many thanks to Holt Vo-tech Yukon OK for allowing us to bring in donuts, breakfast snack bars, coffee, juice, soda, and water to their Students and Staff. It was a blessing for our Church. We would like to thank Veronica and her Family at Daylight Donuts 126 W. Main Yukon Ok for giving us such a generous discount on the delicious donuts.

Myers Elementary

The 4th Sunday of the month is our designated day to contribute funds for Myers Elementary. There is a special need for Boys and Girls underwear size 4 and 5 and 4 tall and 5 tall. School supplies are always needed, including pens/pencils/markers/paper/etc.

There is a large box in the west entry hallway of the Church for all the contributions. We also support end of year gifts for the teachers at Myers. If you would like to donate to the teachers and students of Myers, contact the church office.

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